Episode 8: Goodbye Yellow Brick Rodian

Welcome back to LootQuest, this is Episode 8: Goodbye Yellow Brick Rodian! Last week saw our precocious public enemies raided the cantina hideout of Meedo the Blue only to find that someone had beaten them to the punch. After tossing the place they found a couple of "willing" informants that helped them ascertain Meedo's whereabouts.

This week sees the band of mercs put their new toys to use as they raid Meedo's desert compound located deep in the desert near Shatterskull Pass to attempt to bring down the Rodian gangster once and for all. However, it won't be easy as Meedo has barricaded himself within the compund surrounded by the toughest the Karstags have to offer! 


Meet our Player Characters-

Vizzisk: (Played by Dave from Super Movie Bros) Vizzisk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter with an attitude and a non-existent sense of humor, but who somehow still ends up in the role of comic relief.

38-DD: (Played by Caleb from Netflix'N'Swill) 38-DD is a former "pleasure droid" that has since managed to gain freedom and who frequently attempts to use her previous skills to her advantage.

Hamrick: (Played by John from Now In Technicolor) Hamrick is a human mercenary who grew up in the rough and tumble world of pit fighting before leading a rebeliion and escaping. He's rather gruff and speaks with a lovely Scottish brogue.

Guest Star-

Meedo: (Voiced by Nick from Epic Film Guys) Meedo the Blue is a male Rodian w/ somewhat rare blue skin. He fashioned the nickname Meedo the Blue for himself in an attempt to imitate the names of some truly legendary Rodians of yore; in reality (and always behind his back) many referred to him as Meedo the Yellow due to his extreme cowardice. Meedo is very vengeful and due to the wealth he has acquired through his various gambling and smuggling endeavors, he is quick to put out a contract on anyone that he feels slighted him. 


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