Episode 6: Burning Down The House

Welcome back to LootQuest! Last week saw our loveable mercs get paid for completing the Jawa job and immediately jump back into the deep end by accepting yet another mission from Avun Keso...this time to shut down a rival gambling ring by any means necessary. DD put on her finest face, Vizzisk made a small fortune and Hamrick drank an impressive amount. This week is the continuation of their foray into the rough and tumble world of back alley gambling rings. Will DD's plan work out, or will Hamrick and Vizzisk have to intervene? And who is this force senistive guy anyway? You'll have to tune in to find out!


Meet our Player Characters-

Vizzisk: (Played by Dave from Super Movie Bros) Vizzisk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter with an attitude and a non-existent sense of humor, but who somehow still ends up in the role of comic relief.

38-DD: (Played by Caleb from Netflix'N'Swill) 38-DD is a former "pleasure droid" that has since managed to gain freedom and who frequently attempts to use her previous skills to her advantage.

Hamrick: (Played by John from Now In Technicolor) Hamrick is a human mercenary who grew up in the rough and tumble world of pit fighting before leading a rebeliion and escaping. He's rather gruff and speaks with a lovely Scottish brogue.


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