Episode 1: Big Trouble in Little Rodia


Greetings and welcome to LootQuest! I proudly present to you Episode 1: Big Trouble in Little Rodia! Brace yourself for the humble beginnings of an adventure taking place a long time ago, in a galaxy far away as our three "heroes" begin their quest of conquering the seedy underworld that is Mos Shuuta. 


The story begins in a small but dangerous port city on the desert planet Tatooine, as our players have been summoned by a small time crime boss who has a job for them. The mission is a simple one, take out his rival through duplicity and sabotage by way of a setup involving the local Jawa droid salvagers. But first, they must obtain disguises....and this is where they run into their first batch of trouble as they tussle with a local Rodian gang called the Karstags. 


Meet our Player Characters-

Vizzisk: (Played by Dave from Super Movie Bros) Vizzisk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter with an attitude and a non-existent sense of humor, but who somehow still ends up in the role of comic relief.

38-DD: (Played by Caleb from Netflix'N'Swill) 38-DD is a former "pleasure droid" that has since managed to gain freedom and who frequently attempts to use her previous skills to her advantage.

Hamrick: (Played by John from Now In Technicolor) Hamrick is a human mercenary who grew up in the rough and tumble world of pit fighting before leading a rebeliion and escaping. He's rather gruff and speaks with a lovely Scottish brogue.